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Thursday, March 18, 2010

your time is UP

no one can be together just because they love each other...there always ways to break up. because for some people out there, loving is just like a paint ball war. sometime you win and sometime you lose with credit painful bruises. being together is just one of thousand ways to hurt each other. willingness to fight to the last breath is just a myth or perhaps only a fairytale to make a pretty young girl to dream, and wake up every morning and search for her prince charming that is extinct nowadays. it is cruel to dream, search, just to find out that 'lu kene beb!'

oh, charming is just a another word for bluffing. in case u all don't know.

now I've learn my lesson. I've been taught well enough. it is not that i do not believe in L.O.V.E,  it just the person i'm in love with has GONE mad

bila sudah buat pilihan, jangan salahkan orang lain dengan alasan terpaksa. itu pilihan hati kamo dan hanya kamo yg berhak menentukannya. akhirnya bila kamo pilih untuk jalan berasingan. ur decision accepted!
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between u & me: love won't make your dream come true...but it make your nightmare feels so real when the time is up.

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