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Monday, September 13, 2010

2nd thought. me being naughty.

second thought.

selalunya bila dalam exam, bila dah jawab a question, aku dah xkan padam lg dah jawapan tuh. kerana bg aku jawapan kedua hanyalah ragu2. the 1st answer is the correct one. and it always do. i never have second thought because i always decide thing with a clear head. till last couple of days...

kerana terlalu banyak pilihan, maka akan wujudlah second thought. sebab itu kadang2 aku risau bila ada terlalu banyak pilihan. kecuali pasal baju, kasut, sliper...huhuhu~itu perlu ada pilihan. =)

life is about answering question: what, where, when, who, it is actually ok to have a second thought for everything. rite?

red shoes for red dress...or maybe blue shoes is better
diet for a slim body...or maybe just eat for life is short
touch up and develop high self esteem or plastic surgery to be beautiful.
till last couple of days....

on my second thought, joining a school reunion might be an opening to a whole new world for me. i kind of like that. hurm...looking forward for that day.

between u&me: romance music in the air. aku jer ker yg rase perasaan ini?

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