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Sunday, December 27, 2009

things that we don't forgive nor forget

ada banyak perkara berlaku dalam kehidupan kita. ada yang kite akan terus lupa, ada yang perlu semalaman, ada yang perlu bertahun dan ada gak yang tak mungkin, tak mungkin. tak MUNGKIN  lupa. biasenye perkara yang melibatkan air mata adalah perkara yang tak mungkin dilupakan. (ko tak tahu ker menangis itu penat dan sungguh mengganggu perasaan?bagaimana mungkin lupa.)

this is not the place you want to be abandoned

this is what i have to say to someone from my past:

' i can't look into that eye without seeing the flashback how i was left alone. How you walked away and broke all the promises you ever made without feeling sorry to me. just for an EGO, you ruined whole my day. i can't even fake a smile to cheer myself yet can't stop hoping 'he's gonna find me'

but till the end, it just nobody but me.

i cant never forgive nor forget the feeling how you abandoned me that day. since then, i can't talk, i can't face and i can't hear you. because now, everytime i see you, i feel so...


between u & me: how dare you call yourself a GENTLEMAN when u abandoned a girls at the place she barely knew?shame on you!

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